Women Unscripted
Women Unscripted
All we really want is the sex...
Chicago Redeye Contest
“Sex and the City” meets “the Real World” with “Big Brother” audience participation. The lives of successful women living in big cities are showcased. See these cosmopolitan women at work, gossiping over dinner, on dramatic dates, and prowling the bars. At key moments in their lives the audience is polled and the women use the audience feedback as a virtual best friend to help them with their lives decisions...LEARN MORE Learn More

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Get inside the lives of successful women who live in the great cities across the world and learn what them turns them on, and off. See them juggling the demands of high-powered jobs while searching for love, or just lust…but most of all, you, the audience can influence these dynamic women. Participate in the late-night scheming and juggling of men via phone, text, and the bar scene they frequent. Relive the best part of it all, recapping the previous night’s adventures with their girlfriends over dinner and drinks...Women Unscripted; learn what women really want...VIEW TRAILER